Listing Membership Details

What does my listing membership include on is more than a listing service, we are a complete marketing firm for your vacation rental. We are proud to offer more marketing tools and features than any other vacation rental website on the internet.
Professional Listing believes we are the most professional vacation rental website on the internet today. Click here to preview one of our example vacation rental listings. As you can see our vacation rental listings are organized and provide every detail a potential vacation renter may be interested in.
Each vacation rental listing plan includes at least eight photos with the ability to add titles and captions to each photo. You can easily add your photos through Owner's Corner or allow us to add them for you from your personal website or another vacation rental website. Or if you are more comfortable simply mail them to us and we will happily scan them and add them to your listing at no additional charge. Want them returned? No problem!
Local Area Weather
Each vacation rental listing includes a personalized current weather conditions report along with a 7 day forecast.
Listing Stats
We understand the importance of advertising exposure for your vacation rental listing. Our detailed vacation rental listing  statistics will keep you updated on how many page views, guestbook entries, and emails you receive daily, monthly and annually. Additionally, all email inquiries from potential renters are stored for easy retrieval and review.
Currency Converter
Your vacation rental listing is a worldwide advertisement. Included in each vacation rental listing is a currency converter that allows vacation renters to easily convert their currency to the currency of your rates.
Owner Supplied and Renter Testimonials believes strongly in feedback from our vacation renters. We want our vacation renters to aware others of your outstanding customer service and happiness with your vacation rental property. Each vacation rental listing includes the ability for the owner to enter previous testimonials they have received and for future renters to supply feedback regarding their experience. Positive feedback places security in the mind of future vacation renters which increases vacancy rates and maybe even your rental rates!
Real-Time Availability Calendar
Vacation renters want to know when your vacation rental is available. Your vacation rental listing will include your own individual availability calendar. You can update your availability calendar 24/7 through Owner's Corner. This will save you many phone calls and e-mails from vacation renters inquiring about already reserved dates.
Guestbook Feature
Our Guestbook feature is the first in the vacation rental industry. While potential vacation renters are browsing your vacation rental listing they can sign your vacation rental's Guest Book. This provides you with a list of names and email addresses of potential renters who are interested in your vacation rental listing. They signed your Guest Book because they would like to be emailed additional information or discounts/specials when they become available. You can easily check your Guest Book at anytime through Owner's Corner. This is a valuable tool to help rent your vacation rental during the event of a last minute cancellation or during out of season periods.
Owner's Specials Feature is dedicated to renting your vacation rental. At anytime simply login to Owner’s Corner and add an Owner’s Special to your vacation rental listing in the case of a last minute cancellation or period that is not rented. Your Owner’s Special will be emailed to potential renters who have requested to be notified when a vacation rental that meets your criteria (city, # of bedrooms, etc..) is added to an Owner’s Special. Another valuable tool to help rent your vacation rental!
Maximized Advertising Exposure
We understand you are choosing the internet as an advertising medium for your vacation rental. Our goal as a company is to rent your vacation rental. The only way to accomplish that is to ensure constant traffic to our website. We are dedicated to serving you.  We have designed a comprehensive marketing plan to generate substantial traffic to our website that leverages a combination of partnerships, Search Engine Optimization, and the best conversion to inquiry percentage in the business.

Access to Owner's Corner
Owner's Corner is your administration section for your vacation rental listing. Once you are logged in you will be provided with
many features and tools to help promote your vacation rental listing.

Some features and tools included:

Update Profile
Update or edit your membership information.

24/7 Access to Update and Edit Your Vacation Rental Listing in Owner's Corner.
We are not one of the many vacation rental websites that requires you to send us an e-mail or letter to make a change to your vacation rental listing. You have complete control of your vacation rental listing 24 hours a day. Login to our user-friendly Owner's Corner to edit or update information in your vacation rental including photos 24/7. Even a vacation rental owner with no knowledge of internet programming can easily change the information on his or her vacation rental listing at any time of day or night. Just login with your username and password and make any changes you would like at any time.

Listings Features- Update, Edit, Enable/Disable
Availability Calendar, Guestbook, Owner’s Specials, Vacation Rental Listing Statistics.

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